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If you want to start an Internet Service Provider business but don’t know how to do it what devices are required then you have come to the right place we will install your business completely so that you can provide internet service in your own area.

If you want to install this business from us then you can do it we will design your complete network then you need the device in place we will do the setup installation for this business

Here are some of the equipments that are required to start an ISP business – Mikrotik Router,Switch,OLT,Customar Manage Software Many More We can setup all this for you,If you want to take your service through a wireless network, we also do the installation.



Fiber OLT


The full form of OLT is optical line terminal, which is a device used to connect the optical fiber and transfer signals. It makes a significant difference in PON (passive optical network).


1. For one thing, OLT connects to the switch of coverage level with cable and transfers into optical signals. For another thing, it connects to the optical splitter on the customer terminals with optical fiber.
2. Control, manage, measure the distance to customer terminal devices like ONU.
3. OLT is one of the devices on the service nodes in the access network. It completes the service access through the connection with corresponding service nodes devices via SNI port.

Components of OLT

OLT generally consists of:

1. Control board. Normally there are 2 boards involving main and backup boards on an OLT
2. DC power supply board
3. Fan unit. It’s mainly used to dissipate heat and monitor the environment.
4. Service frame
5. Other uplink boards

Application of OLT

The OLT device coordinates with different types of ONU to achieve all kinds of access networks such as FTTC, FTTH, FTTO, FTTM, etc. According to different services, clients’ demanding and regions, there are different strategies of the deployment.

Shown as the below image, it is an FTTH(Fiber to the Home) application of V-SOL EPON OLT device V1600D4-DP. The OLT connects to the management switch and ONU. There is a splitter between OLT and ONU. The whole PON can provide several families with multiple services like IPTV, VOIP, IP Camera, etc.

1. What is ONT?
The meaning of ONT is optical network terminal, which is a device providing the family with the access network. ONT is a separation between the Ethernet network and customer premises. It can transfer optical signals from OLT (optical line terminal) into electric signals and offer various services such as high-speed Internet, IPTV, VOIP, WiFi, etc. to users.


What is EDFA?

When optical transmitting over long distance, the optical signal has to be amplified many times because of the signal loss from fiber attenuation, connectivity losses, fiber splicing losses, etc. Before optical amplifier is invented, the optical signal has to be first converted into electrical signal, amplified, and then converted back to optical signal again. The process is very complicated and expensive. EDFA Optical amplifier can amplify signals directly, this process is significantly cheaper and started a fiber optic revolution.

EDFA, or Erbium-doped Fiber Amplifier, uses the Erbium-doped fiber as optical amplification medium to directly enhance the signals. The amplifying medium is a glass optical fiber doped with erbium ions. The erbium-doped fiber gain medium amplifies light at wavelengths that are in the neighborhood of 1550 nm—the optical wavelengths that suffer minimum attenuation in optical fibers. EDFA works best in the range 1530 to 1565 nm, and it possesses low noise and can amplify many wavelengths simultaneously, making it the fiber amplifier of choice for most applications in optical communications。

What is WDM?

Wavelength Division Multiplexing (WDM: Wavelength Division Multiplexing) is a technology that simultaneously transmits multiple wavelength signals in an optical fiber. WDM technology increases the transmission capacity of an optical fiber several times to tens of times or even hundreds of times compared with single-wavelength transmission, thereby increasing the transmission capacity of the optical fiber, reducing costs, and having great application value and economic value.


What Is a Passive Optical Network(PON)?

A passive optical network (PON) is a fiber-optic network utilizing a point-to-multipoint topology and optical splitters to deliver data from a single transmission point to multiple user endpoints. Passive, in this context, refers to the unpowered condition of the fiber and splitting/combining components. PON system include in OLT, ONU and fiber splitter.


PON+EDFA application

EDFA optical amplifier mainly used for 1550nm, which make CATV over fiber tranmission more distance. The PON work with EDFA by FWDM, which realize triple FTTH application.

Baudcom EDFA optical amplifier can also integreate the WDM, which make the PON work with CATV transmission. Baudcom EDFA built-in WDM make installation easily and improve the transmission more stable, which also reduce FTTH project cost.

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